Welcome to the Harb Seal Bill Challenge

When I found out that the the Canadian Senate had one Senator with the courage to stand up in front of the Senate and ask that Canada End the Seal Hunt in 2009 I was incredibly relieved and overjoyed.

When I found out that not one single person in the Senate agreed with his position, I was devastated and furious.

I followed up on one of the many wonderful initiatives from IFAW who was there that day to support Senator Harb and created my own Facebook Event called take the Harb Seal Bill Challenge - A Letter A Day to Keep the Sealers Away.

The idea was to keep the focus and action of letter writing to our Senators encouraging them to revisit this bill and second the motion on the next round.

That day, mostly due to IFAW's member alerts, but nevertheless, we all managed to shut down the systems at Canadian Headquarters with the flood of emails.

They are hearing from the world how much this Seal Hunt is despised, hated, loathed. There are not enough words to express the view of most Canadians and the world of what a despicable crime this is.

I want to encourage everybody to continue writing to our Canada Senators, Ministers, Prime Minister and European Union Officials to express their outrage that not only did not one single person second the motion, but the only voice heard in response was "Never!"