4000 Emails Needed!

We are targeting the Prime Minister of Canada, the Liberal leader, and the Governor General of Canada today with an email-bombing campaign. We hope to have 4000 emails sent! PETA and IFAW are on the road, running across Canada behind the Olympic torch. We need to support them in their efforts. Please cut and paste what you see written below, sign it if you agree, and send it to:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Prime Minister of Canada) - pm@pm.gc.ca

Michael Ignatieff (Liberal Leader of Canada) - ignatieff.m@parl.gc.ca

Michelle Jean (Governor General of Canada) - info@gg.ca

Candian Senator Mac Harb - harbm@sen.parl.gc.ca


Subject: The Canadian Harp Seals

Honourable Prime Minister and members of Parliament:

I have recently viewed the attached videos that were just released via the internet. It's hard to believe that Canada, a one-time leader in the world could let these crimes against animals occur. This is nothing short of ecological terrorism! I never thought I would say this, but I am ashamed to be Canadian. These are not the actions of my country, these are the actions of a very small province (Newfoundland) that has brought nothing to us but shame! This hunt only continues to exist because it is propped up by a range of government subsidies and taxpayers money. The vast majority of Canadians and caring people worldwide have been calling for an end to the hunt for a very long time, and the time to act is now. We understand that Senator Mac Harb has brought a bill before the house which was igorned. This is NOT acceptable! He is speaking on behalf of all Canadian people.

Please use your unique position as representatives of Canadians and as citizens of the world to be our voice in Parliament and fight for an end to this cruel slaughter. We, the people of Canada, will accept nothing less than an end to this barbaric treatment of our animals!

The videos:



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